Mckenzie (kenzoioi) wrote in pornandnachos,

new bitches!

Name- Kenzoid
Age- 16
Location- Seattle
Fav porn titles- 'Beat around the bush' and 'Cum'
Fav nacho topping- Cheese
Fav porn scene/style- oh man...gotta love the in-the-butt-by-a-black-man action
would you take a money shot for us!?- uhm, if i get the money first
Are you porn matterial?- I have small boobs and a tight pussy, so no
If you could fuck anyone, who would it be?- Brendan!
A random fact about yourself- I only let the phone ring once, or i get annoyed

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haha i didnt do this work for nothing so u got a .yes. vote
i say yes. she is cute, plus there's nothing wrong with small boobs and a tight pussy. ;)
haha, i really have big boobs for my size, but i do have a tight pussy. (36 C and im 5'2)
yeah cute =]
yes..because your dog kinda reminds me of Marmaduke
hahaha, thank you.
meh, sorry i'm late, but i do vote yes!!