Playboy aint got nothin on me!

take one in the ass for daddy

Porn & Nachos<3
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Are you a fan of watching porn and having ur snack buddy Nacho join you?! Well now your not all alone. thanks to Nicole(xrasputinaxx) and Johnny(johnnyfender), they are proud of their porn and eating nachos habit. share with friends! Anything goes! Don't be shy Bitches.

+++++ To Apply +++++
Fav porn titles-
Fav nacho topping-
Fav porn scene/style-
would you take a money shot for us!?-
Are you porn matterial?-
If you could fuck anyone, who would it be?-
A random fact about yourself-
And at least 3 pictures of yourself
Please post Aps in lj cuts and for Subject type 'New' or 'ap'

votes will take place and depending on the outtake, within a few days you will
get a picture that says accepted or rejected, once accepted you are allowed to post
and comment on other users and vote. have fun!! WE DONT HAVE TO BE NICE IF WE DONT WANT TOO, If you can dish it you can take it.